The New York Department of Labor has issued proposed regulations interpreting revised New York Labor Law § 193, concerning permissible deductions from wages.  The proposed regulations are available here, and are scheduled to be published in the May 22, 2013 issue of the State Register, with public comments regarding their content accepted until and including July 6, 2013.  Notably, the proposed regulations permit deductions for 1) the enumerated permissible deductions written into the statute as well as 2) deductions which are both for the benefit of the employee and “similar” to the enumerated ones.  § 195-2.1.  A separate provision of the regulations lists the specific categories to which a non-listed benefit must be “similar” in order to qualify as a permissible deduction.  § 195-4.4.  Watch this space for further coverage regarding the regulations and public commentary regarding their impact on employers with New York operations.