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Affirming Dismissal, Seventh Circuit Holds Window Washing Business Is a “Service” Establishment and Its Employees Are Paid on a “Commission” Basis, Bringing Clarity to Application of 7(i) and Sharply Criticizing DOL Regulations and Its Application of 7(i)

In one of the most comprehensive circuit court opinions to address application of Section 207(i) of the FLSA—the provision of the law that allows employers to comply with the overtime provisions of the FLSA by paying commissioned employees of a retail or service establishment at least 1.5 times the minimum wage, instead of their regular … Continue Reading

Ohio District Court Rules Profit-Based Compensation Scheme Constitutes Bona Fide “Commission” for Purposes of 7(i) Overtime Exemption

As discussed in prior postings, a central issue in determining the application of the FLSA’s “7(i)” exemption is whether the payments to the employee constitute bona fide commissions.  In early July, Judge Gregory Frost of the Southern District of Ohio issued another ruling on this issue, finding that the compensation paid to managers and assistant … Continue Reading

California Court of Appeal Upholds Applicability of State Commission Exemption to Sales Consultant

As we have previously discussed, the FLSA contains an exemption for commissioned employees in the retail or service industry who meet certain parameters: colloquially referred to as the “7(i)” exemption. California has a similar exemption which the California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District recently applied to a sales consultant, holding that Defendant’s payments qualified as “commissions.” Areso … Continue Reading

Vermont Court Holds Cable Installer Received Bona Fide Commissions, But Additional Evidence Needed to Establish 7(i) Exemption

The “retail or service exemption” to the FLSA, sometimes referred to as the “7(i) exemption”, noting the location where it is codified, 29 U.S.C. Section 207(i), has three requirements. While the first requirement, to pay time and one-half the minimum wage for all hours of work, is straightforward, the other two prongs—that an employee receive 50% … Continue Reading

Court Holds Employees Who Handle Internet and Phone Sales Qualify for 7(i) Overtime Exemption

The 7(i) exemption from overtime is not limited to “local” retail or service establishments, and applies to employers who sell nationwide via phone or the internet, a Utah district court has held, rejecting DOL regulations, and finding them antiquated. See Selz v. Invest Tools, Inc., 2011 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 93604 (D. Utah, Jan. 27, 2011).  Plaintiffs … Continue Reading

Account Executives Responsible For Selling Precious Metals Exempt Under 7(i)

The Fair Labor Standards Act contains an exemption from overtime for employees of a “retail or service establishment” who earn at least 1.5 the minimum wage for all hours worked and more than 50% of their compensation from commissions. This exemption is often referred to as the “retail sales exemption” or “7(i) exemption,” referencing the section … Continue Reading