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District Court Rejects FDNY Employees’ Bid To Be Paid For Commuting Time

The City of New York’s compensation practices received an endorsement last week from Southern District of New York Judge Loretta A. Preska, who ruled that employees of the FDNY’s Building Maintenance Division (“BMD”) could not recover under the FLSA for time spent commuting or time spent inspecting their vehicles.  Colella v. City of New York, … Continue Reading

Circuit Court Affirms Final Leg of Commute on Company Bus Is Not Compensable

While it is well established that standard commuting time from home to work (and back home again) is non-compensable, there is limited guidance as to application of this preliminary, non-compensable “commuting” window to the travel time associated with varying employment circumstances. Providing some clarity to employers within the Fifth Circuit (Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi), the Fifth … Continue Reading

Federal Judge Rejects Installers’ Claim for Overtime Pay Based on Time Spent Commuting Home In Company Vehicles

Employees who work at multiple work sites, such as cable installers and repair technicians, and often allege that their work requires them to perform certain tasks rendering what would otherwise be a non-compensable commute, compensable time.  Judge Robert C. Chambers of the Southern District of West Virginia recently rejected one such attempt. Davis v. Skylink LTD., … Continue Reading