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Maryland Judge Rules On-Call Time Non-Compensable Due To Freedom For Personal Activities

The issue of whether time spent “on-call” is compensable under the Fair Labor Standards Act is a factual analysis, and thus the source of FLSA litigation.  A recent decision finding such time to be non-compensable highlights a preeminent principle in the analysis – in order for on-call time to be non-compensable, an employee must be … Continue Reading

Maryland Legislature Clarifies Plaintiffs’ Ability to Seek Overtime Under Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law

While the FLSA undeniably provides a plaintiff with the right to assert a statutory claim for unpaid overtime and receive all statutory damages, whether, and under what circumstances, such a claim can be asserted under a state wage and hour law is not always so clear.  In fact, in Maryland, courts had reached conflicting conclusions as to … Continue Reading