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Applying Integrity Staffing., Federal District Court Holds that Time Spent at Pre-Shift Safety Meetings Is Not Compensable Under the FLSA

Joining similar decisions applying the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Portal-to-Portal Act in Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. v. Busk, Senior District Judge Terrence F. McVerry of the Western District of Pennsylvania recently held that time spent attending allegedly mandatory pre-shift safety meetings was not compensable under the FLSA because those safety meetings were neither “principal … Continue Reading

Applying Integrity Staffing, Ninth Circuit Holds that Firefighters’ Time Moving Gear to and from Temporary Assignments is Not Compensable Under the FLSA

Applying the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. v. Busk, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently ruled that firefighters are not entitled to compensation under the FLSA for time spent moving certain necessary gear to and from temporary work assignments at fire stations other than their “home” … Continue Reading

District Court Rejects FDNY Employees’ Bid To Be Paid For Commuting Time

The City of New York’s compensation practices received an endorsement last week from Southern District of New York Judge Loretta A. Preska, who ruled that employees of the FDNY’s Building Maintenance Division (“BMD”) could not recover under the FLSA for time spent commuting or time spent inspecting their vehicles.  Colella v. City of New York, … Continue Reading